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Department Chair

Gareth Figgess

Professor Gareth FIggess, Chair of the Department of Construction Management at California State University, Sacramento has an Master of Business Administration  and a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management, both from California State University, Sacramento.

Professor Anderson’s work with students includes:

  • Faculty Advisor for the Construction Management Student Association (CMSA).

  • Faculty Advisor for US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2015

  • Faculty Advisor for 2016 SMUD Tiny House Competition

  • Faculty Teaching Coach for ASC’s annual regional student competition, a competition that CSUS dominates every year!

Professor Figgess is well-respected amongst his students and peers and is a valued partner with SCMEF.

Program Goals


To prepare students for the demands of their profession, our nationally-accredited Construction Management Program offers a broad curriculum emphasizing engineering fundamentals, construction management , business administration, art, the humanities, social sciences, and analytical and communication skills. Our emphasis is practical: in the classroom, students learn from current case studies and solve real-world problems provided by full and part-time faculty, alumni and advisors from the industry. The summer and part-time employment in construction that we help our students obtain augments theoretical knowledge.

To learn more about the CM Program, visit the department’s website

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Construction Management Student Association


2023-2024 CMSA Officers

Mason Davidson - President

Fernando Gonzalez - Vice President

Joel Gonzalez - Treasurer

JR Reyes - Secretary

Bryan Hernandez Rincon - Event Coordinator

Jorge Raya Perez - Event Coordinator

Diego Menard - Social Media Coordinator

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Sac State CM Alumni Chapter

The Construction Management Chapter was organized in 2010 for the purpose of promoting the common interests of its members and the benefit of the University and its alumni.


These interests include:

•Engaging alumni with the University
•Enriching the learning experience for students through alumni cla
ssroom involvement
•Providing scholarship opportunities for students
•Ensure the Sac State CM department is recognized as the premier construction management program in the country

To  inquire about becoming part of the Sac State CM Alumni Chapter, please email

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Students build their skills through participation in student competitions where rigorous training and instruction by industry coaches provide actual field-level experiences.

CM Alumni

We will be a driving force in the mentoring of current students and the support of our Sac State Construction Management program by building a strong alumni membership and providing opportunities for participation from alumni and local industry.

CM Graduates

“Remarkable industry support, 100% job placement, passionate students, excellent professors, and continued outstanding performance in national competitions arguably render our Department of Construction Management (CM) the keeper of one of the nation’s top Construction Management programs.” - Lorenzo M. Smith, Ph.D., Dean, College of Engineering and Computer Science, California State University, Sacramento 



2023 ASC Region 6 & 7 Student Competition

34th Annual ASC Region 6 & 7
Student Competition Goes Virtual

33rd Annual ASC Region 6 & 7

Student Competition in Reno


In February, the Associated School of Construction (ASC) held the Region 6 & 7 Student Competition in Reno, Nevada. Sacramento State Construction Management Students brought home three third-place finishes at this year’s competition. More than 50 universities consisting of 207 teams and 1,540 students competed in this year’s event.  Award criteria include estimating, bidding, planning, scheduling, presentation skills, creativity, understanding of sound construction techniques, and thoughtful methodologies. It was great that SCMEF was able to help coordinate coaches and assist in the fundraising to support the students participating in the event. I want to thank all the coaches, company sponsors, SCMEF members, the participating CSUS facility, and others that make this event possible. Congratulations to the CM Department and students for another great showing at the competition. Mike Wills, President

Heavy Civil.jpg

Heavy Civil Team

Heavy Civil Team

Design Build Team

Design Build Team

Open Concrete Team

ASC Region 3 Concrete Solutions Competition in Chicago


The Sac State Construction Management department is proud to announce another historical first-place win for their Concrete Solutions team. This illustrious team has achieved 12 national wins in the past seven years, placing every time they compete. To date, the team has achieved nine 1st place wins, one 2nd place win, and two 3rd place wins.




Sac State CM Students

Summer Internship at Granite Construction 


Students visiting a Lund Construction Project

See News section for the latest student project visits.

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