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SCMEF Awards $15,500 in scholarships

May 14, 2021

This year, SCMEF updated its Scholarship Application and put it on our website, making it easier for Sac State CM Students to apply. The effort paid off because participation was up 100%, and the applications outnumbered the available scholarships.

The 2021 SCMEF scholarship recipients are:

  1. Andrew DeMeyer Jr./Sr.

  2. Angela Vanessa Le Jr.

  3. Austin Ryan James Jr.

  4. Colby Ryan Christierson Freshman

  5. Diego Alejandro Gutierrez Sr.

  6. Fabian Jimenez Sr.

  7. Hector M. Castillas Loza Sophmore

  8. Hugorafael Chacon-Kreysa Jr.

  9. Jesus Contreras Jr.

  10. Juan Pablo Estrada Jr.

  11. Max Charles Arnold Sr.

  12. Nathan Sean Tanner Jr.

Congratulations, hornets. Stingers up!

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