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Sac State's Concrete Team Places 1st Again!

Wow! They did it again. Sac State's Concrete team pulled off another 1st place win at this year's ASC's virtual student competition, Region 3. The teams' winning formula was 3, 3 & 4 (three returning students, three new students, and four meetings to prep). SCMEF would like to thank the coaches, CM Dept. Chair, Professor Mikael Anderson, and the Sac State Faculty for making this very important event happen. THE STUDENTS: - Ricardo Gonzalez - Theodoro Moreno - Paul Hermle - Ryan Riedel-Cronon

- Ernesto Leon - Sergio Valencia THE COACHES: - Brad Dent, CEMCO, Alumni & CM Part-Time Instructor - Tony Tipton, Retired Civil Engineer & CM Part-Time Instructor - Brett Snyder, Roebbelen, Alumni & CM Part-Time Instructor - Daniel Tripp, Roebbelen, Alumni & CM part-Time Instructor

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