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2020 Scholarship Recipients

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Congratulations to the SCMEF 2020 Scholarship Recipients! We’re proud to support you in your endeavors and look forward to the day you become industry leaders.

Erika Canedo

Erika became intrigued by the idea of becoming a civil engineer after a shake table test on her balsa wood structure in high school physics. She was unaware that a degree in construction management existed but discovered the CM Program at Sacramento State while doing some research. Family and friends encouraged her to follow this career path, and her professors are motivating her by sharing their field experiences and knowledge about the industry. Erika has interned for Underground Construction Company and is hoping to be hired as a Project Engineer after graduation, before being promoted to Project Manager.

Chad Hansen

Chad is planning to use his scholarship to pay off outstanding student debt and knew from the very beginning of his college career that he wanted to be in the construction industry. Although this was clear, the fact that you could get a Construction Management degree wasn’t--until he transferred to Sacramento State, where he promptly switched majors. He plans to continue working for Swinerton because there’s “a lot of work to do, and it seems like there is so little time to get it done”! Inspired by great friends, mentors, and family throughout his college career, he stated that he could not have gotten this far without them.

Paul Hermle

Paul is planning to use his scholarship check for tuition. Getting a degree in Construction Management was inevitable because he’s always loved building things. He’s had side gigs in construction since high school and has even flipped a few houses! He plans to work for a Sacramento area general contractor in the commercial field. He’s inspired by the professors in the industry, and their dedication to helping build future industry leaders. Because of them, he’s hoping to teach at Sacramento State once he’s gotten some experience under his belt.

Richard "Max" Hurd

Max is going to use his scholarship on tuition. After working as a laborer for a finish carpentry subcontractor, he decided he wanted to be in the construction industry. His college professors, Quinn Hofmann and Gareth Figgess have influenced him the most throughout his college career, and he plans to travel the nation, building America's infrastructure after graduation.

Josh Nehme

To become proficient in all construction/engineering techniques, Josh is planning to use his scholarship check for engineering materials and tools (surveying equipment and AutoCAD software, etc.), so that he can practice outside of the classroom. Seventeen years ago, Josh was working as a laborer doing demolition for Darin Hopkins during the hot summer months. This experience highlighted the difference between laborers and managers and, with Darin's encouragement, Josh decided to pursue a degree in Construction Management. His CM-22 Professor, Quinn Hofmann, was the first to believe in Josh, ultimately sparking a wave of confidence that has carried him through his course work. He feels like he's found his niche working for his current employer, Steve P. Rados, Inc., a heavy civil contractor, and will more than likely stay on with them after he graduates in the Spring of 2021.

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