EchoWater Project – Flow Equalization

The Flow Equalization project consists of increasing the storage capacity of the existing Emergency Storage Basins at the Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant by approximately 110 million gallons. This will involve deepening of ESB-B and ESB-C by approximately 8 feet. The excavation for the basins are approximately 525,000 CY. Additionally, operational flexibility will be increased through the addition of berms in ESB-C to divide this basin into three sub-basins: C1, C2, and C3.


Piping and gates are installed to allow flow into each of the basins and drainage from each of the basins. Basin floors are lined with joint plain concrete pavement (JPCP) and basin berms will be lined with shotcrete. An underdrain system and associated pumping station will be constructed to relieve hydrostatic pressure from the groundwater beneath the basins. A permanent wash down system consisting of both manual and motorized water monitors (cannons) will be installed to clean the basins.


The project is set for completion in the summer of 2018 after the removal and replacement of the West 102” pipe that leads to the Sacramento River.


Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District
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Elk Grove, CA 95758


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